Apple Music evaluated

Since the start of Google Music in Germany I’m using this service and I’m quite happy with it. Last week Apple Music has arrived and I was eager to evaluate Apple’s interpretation of a streaming service.

In short, I’m disappointed regarding the usability of Apple Music. Here are my main complaints:

  • There is no listing history or “recent activity”, so you have to put songs to a playlist or add them to “My Music”.
  • If you are listing to a song, the link to its corresponding album is not obvious. You have to tap on the track summary in the context menu. But if you tap on the track summary in the main window a rating view appears. So tapping on the same content result into different actions.
  • The pause button is placed far too close to the “For you” tab button. So I accidentally stop the music when I want to visit the “For you” section.
  • Using the Offline Mode is hidden and overly complex: You have to activate the iCloud Music Libary in the Settings App. I had to google this, there was no hint in the app itself.
  • Last but not least the app crashed two times in the first ten minutes I’ve used it on my iPad Air. First impressions count.

By now I will stay at Google Music, it is a more mature service, but still I will evaluate the upcoming Apple Music Android App.